J.P.M.M. van Kempen,
Date of birth:   11 april 1948 (Capetown, S.A.)
Contact:   email Jan van Kempen
1969-1973   Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (graphics)
1973-1977   Rijksakademie, Amsterdam (drawing, painting and leaded windows)

1969 - 1973   several advertising studios
1977 - today   portrait and designs for leaded windows
1978 - 1989   teacher in drawing and painting Duivendrecht
1978 - 2008   teacher drawing and painting Dr. Henri van der Hoeven Kliniek (Criminal Forensic Psychiatry Clinic), Utrecht
1990 - today   drawing and painting lessons in own studio
Additional work:    
1986-today   member Hollandse Aquarellistenkring (Dutch watercolourists)
1998-2012   on the committee of Hollandse Aquarellistenkring (2006-2012 treasurer)
1998-today   member Kunstenaarsvereniging Laren-Blaricum (every two years exhibition in Singer Museum, Laren)
2009   acquisition and renovation former Sunday school now used for art lessons and exhibitions of own work
1978   Singer Museum Laren (group)
1980 - 2005   solo-exhibitions in galleries in Amsterdam
1985   Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam (group)
1986 - today  

With Hollandse Aquarellistenkring:
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Christie's Rotterdam,
Provinciehuis Lelystad, Museum Henriëtte Polak Zutphen,
Museum Rijswijk, Gemeente Museum Maassluis,
Amstelkerk Amsterdam, Pictura Groningen, CBK Haarlem,
Haagse Kunstkring, Pulchri Studio Den Haag
and Nauurmuseum Fryslân Leeuwarden

1995   "Temporary Art", Slot Zuylen, (51 artists)
1997 and 2000   "Kunst Rai" (Amsterdam)
2005 - today   exhibitions in the Netherlands in co-operation with three colleagues (Rosa Spier Huis, 2014)
2010   KCB Bergen "Oriental landscapes by Dutch painters" 
Design competition window anniversary 450 Bishopric Roermond
Glasmalerei Peters Paderborn (G) contacts referring to this design
Co-operation has started
2015   Participant in exhibition "Licht op Jeroen Bosch" in Museum glass and enamel art Ravenstein
2016   Groeneveld Baarn (with Kunstenaarsvereniging Laren-Blaricum)
2016-2017   `Lumières du Monde' Chartres, Centre international du Vitrail
(Glasmalerei Peters, Paderborn);
    Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Scandinavia,
Russia, South Africa, Tunisia, Indonesia, U.S. (New York) and Jamaica
Description of work:    
subjects:   landscapes, still lifes, interiors, figures and portraits.
material:   watercolour, oils, acrylics, pastel, pencil, collage, leaded windows.
Work acquired by:    

Municipality of Amsterdam, Museum Maassluis,
Museum glass- and enamel art Ravenstein, 
business firms, institutions, private owners at home and abroad.